Sunday, June 28, 2009

End of the School Year - Showcase & Banquet

Ok, so I'm really behind in posting...yes, you've all heard THAT before :) We've been done with school since the first week of June. Skyeler began working at Camp Jabez that week and it seemed like a great place to break. We were so ready for it! Since then we've traveled to my parents, traveled with Dan on an audit trip, and caught the flu. The first two were fun...last one, not so fun. I'm just catching it, Dan and Skyeler are getting over it, Aly hasn't caught it yet.

I'm looking back through pictures from the last two months trying to figure out what to share. These are from our Annual Keeper's of the Faith Banquet and our Home School Showcase Day at church. At our Banquet the kids receive their pins for the Keeper's at Home program (think Christian Girl Scouts) and any other awards pertaining to the co-op year (Presidential Fitness, Art Awards, etc). Our Showcase Day gives the kids the opportunity to show what they've accomplished throughout the year. Aly LOVES this.
Disclaimer: Lighting in our gym is horrid!
Skyeler receiving her awards from Miss Beverly. She earned pins for Pets, Fire Safety, Ceramics, Ecology, Quilting, and Creative Writing (I think that's all!). Pets, Ceramics, and Creative Writing were her favorite.
Aly with Lauren, Alan, & Skyler Ray. She earned pins in Little Keepers for Table Setting, Puzzles, Building Blocks, Card Making, Pets, Mosaics, Croquet, Ceramics, Gardening, ABC's, Tools, and Painting. Both Skye and Aly did the Presidential Fitness Challenge.
Skyeler at Showcase with her Madagascar display board. In Geography this year the kids studied N. America, S. America, and Africa. The kids were supposed to have a country where we supported a missionary, but Skyeler's missionary died suddenly this year and she chose another country without a missionary.

Aly had more on her table. She not only had her display board for Costa Rica (we have no missionaries there either), she also had some of her lapbooks from Five in a Row, her mosaic projects from Little Keeper's, and her art from this year's art class. I should have taken a picture her artwork...oops. She did a really great job in art class.