Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall into Co-op

The beginning of Fall brings us back to school, changing leaves, cooler temperatures, apple cider, anything pumpkin, and the start of our homeschool co-op.  Our co-op this year is quite small but very cozy.  Skye is teaching the little pre-schoolers, and the older girls are having Art Class and Tea Time with Poetry and Book Discussion.  Everyone joins in for Gym and Nature Study which we are calling Rabbit Trails :)  We had a great first day!  It is really fun having little ones around again, and Aly and Priscilla are enjoying being the oldest.  

Skye has settled on doing a theme book for every co-op week.  Since we went to the Butterfly House at the Arboretum, she picked The Very Hungry Caterpillar as her first theme.  After reading the book, the pre-school tots made caterpillars with marshmallows.  Eleanor had to taste her marshmallow before painting with it :)

In Art Class we studied horizon lines and learned a new technique with the watercolor paints (in Aly's picture that translates into what looks like the moon, in other pictures it looked like clouds).  I love all kinds of tree art.  I have to limit myself when choosing the Art projects for the year that we don't do too many trees.  

The little boys waiting for their turn.  They needed some constant supervision while learning to stand in line lol!  I love Skye's expression here.  Usually she needs them to "keep your hands to yourself" and I think she is waiting for this to turn south fairly quick.  But seriously, how cute are these little rugrats!

Aly practicing her soccer drills.  Lorin is teaching Gym and had them doing ball drills.  Skye said that Mr. Lorin needed to know that she was not participating in Gym class :)

Even the little ones are getting in on the soccer.  Here they are practicing kicking the ball through the cones.  Sammy plays soccer with Kenny & Makenna so he is a pretty good kicker.

Our Rabbit Trail adventure was at the Arboretum.  We were there to see the Butterfly House before it closes for the season.  But, of  course, there is a lot to be explored along the way!  Missy brought some magnifying glasses, and Ben, Sammy, and Gabe were all checking out the tree.  

There were so many butterflies in the Butterfly House today!  I had never seen so many there before.  I had printed off a Butterfly Scavenger Hunt page for the kids, and they were able to cross off the butterflies they found.  Skye is trying to show Sammy which butterfly he is seeing.  He just liked to mark his page :)

Aly and Priscilla and Ben 

Our little group :)  

After the Butterfly House some of us climbed the Bird Tower.  Not me, the last time I tried I about threw up!  Who knew I was so scared of heights!  Gabe took my hand and said that I needed to face my fears (he's 6) and said he would make a deal with me so I would go up the tower.  He assured me it wouldn't fall over and that it was safe lol!  I walked up about a quarter of the way and then let Gabe go on!  We also checked out the children's maze, and some nice people shared their bread with us and the kids all got to feed the turtles and blue gills.  I'm looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for us!

La, La, La

Basically, I'm ignoring (for now) January through August.  In my alternate life I have the time to catch up on the year and on each month of 2014.  In reality, my laptop stopped working and January to April pictures are on the other computer, and really, there just hasn't been the time to go back and post pics from those months (for now).  So we are just going to start with the beginning of our school year and carry on...