Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Tuesday

Dan asked me to update my blog, so today I tried to take a few pictures of what we did in school. Ideally, I would like to do this in my Weekly Report, which I cannot seem to make happen weekly. Not to mention, that I rarely think to take pictures during the school day (can't imagine why...).
Sparkles is thinking that Aly may need help figuring out congruent and similar angles on her geoboard. He jumped up for a few moments, but seeing that she had things well under control, decided to jump back down. I'm not sure why he's so needy the last couple days :)

Here's Aly working on her new Spelling program. Though we are only a couple of days into it, I am liking what I'm seeing. She's liking it too. I will like it much better when I find a home for the magnetic board. Just not sure what I'm going to do with it.

Here are the students, hard at work. Skyeler was not happy to be photographed as she was having a particularly difficult time right then with her Algebra. Aly is working on the English workbook that Aunt Cheryl gave us.

Skyeler is really happy, why so happy you might ask? Well, the cat has been nice to her today (and yesterday) and has been sitting next to her and on her. I might add that this picture was actually taken AFTER school was over...another reason for her joy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christmas in February

On Friday, Cheryl and the boys came to visit. We hadn't seen each other since September! That means we hadn't exchanged Christmas gifts yet. Yes, we are a sorry bunch. Unfortunately, Skyeler and I were sickos. Tired, worn down, and very blah. It didn't matter. It was nice just to be together. We opened presents Friday night. I won't list all the presents that were exchanged but lets just say that I am now the proud owner of a soft, fuzzy, warm lime green robe. Cozy! I am also the proud parent of a budding John Denver (or so Aunt Cheryl says) as Aly received a guitar from Aunt Cheryl. Poor Bryce came with a stuffy nose and woke up with a fever of 101. So I did what any good aunt would do, gave him Popsicles for breakfast and let him and Carter and Aly play Wii all day long. No exaggeration. ALL DAY LONG. I can't believe the batteries aren't dead :) Oh, wait, Cheryl and I each took a turn on the Wii Fit. I'd post Cheryl's Wii Fit age, but it would put my life in grave danger. :) Cheryl and I managed to get out to Target by ourselves for an hour. Dan so graciously kept the kids. Finally, around 3:00 on Saturday we got around to some scrappin'. I am ashamed to admit that it was not "serious" scrappin'. I was still feeling pretty poor and both of us were tired. Cheryl managed to get six pages done. Me? Well, I did four. And yes, the scrappin' stuff is still sitting in my dining room where I left it Saturday night. We don't do this nearly often enough.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures...I had some bad lighting issues going on.

Bryce (Rush Hour Jr.)
Aly (already wearing the sweater she opened moments before)
Carter (Batman and Robin for the Wii)
Skyeler (a very cool puzzle)
Bryce & Aly playing some Raving Rayman game (I think). Note the cool clothing choices that Bryce and Aly are modeling. Robe (modeled on Bryce) and jammies with a brand new sweater (modeled on Aly)...totally hip & cool. Totally the clothing choice of the next generation. :)
Aly strumming the guitar. 'Nough said.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekly Report

Well, there WAS a weekly report, typed and ready to be submitted. Now it is GONE! I didn't get to my draft file in time. Seconds really. Grrr. I must have laid my hand on something on the laptop because it deleted it. Before I could get to my draft file, it auto saved my screw up. It was a light week anyway (though I had written quite a bit) with co-op on Monday, Aly's eye appointment on Friday (went great, next year should be her last visit!!), and Skyeler and I coming down with colds on Wednesday. Oh, well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I thought I'd devote a little space to Skyeler's pets. Skyeler certainly hasn't been in many pictures lately, and I wouldn't want everyone to think that I've forgotten about her. :) She took these pictures of her gerbils. They are very good. I'm surprised she got the little boogers to stand still long enough to get a picture that was not blurry! They are fast. Anyone who is aware of our gerbil story might be interested to know that we are now down to 5. I say down because at one point we had 16 or 17 (can't remember now for sure...a lot more than we anticipated!) Keepers class at co-op was working on their Pets pin and Skyeler took pictures, made an outline, wrote a report, and then gave an oral report to the class. Seeing as how Skyeler hates public speaking, this was pretty remarkable.We actually carted two of the boys to co-op for "show and tell." The gerbils really are sweet little pets. Though I have to admit that they are much sweeter now that their numbers are getting a little more manageable :) Shown below are Pumpkin (tan) and Sugar Cookie (black).

Snow Buddies

Aly, Alan, and Skyler got a little time to play in the snow after co-op on Monday. Poor Alan, he has to put up with these outrageous, bossy, little girly girls. Well, at least they're cute!

Aly Goes Bowling

Aly was invited to a bowling birthday party by her friend Noelle. She was bouncing with excitement. Somehow, we have never taken her bowling. All week Aly kept trying to "strengthen" her muscles with the Wii Fit so she would have no problems lifting the bowling ball. I finally had to tell her that if she "strengthened" too much she would be too sore to bowl!! Saturday finally came, and she was all ready to hit the bowling alley. On the way there I explained that she should not expect the same scores that she racks in on Wii Sports bowling. I didn't want her all upset because she wasn't getting strikes :) She had a ball! Final score: 71. Not too bad for her first time.