Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aly's New 'Do

Aly decided to try out some ... BANGS! She's been thinking (agonizing) over this decision for a few weeks now. Once she made up her mind, it had to be done NOW (in typical Aly fashion). This morning we went and got it done :) She had a shampoo, cut, and blow dry. She LOVED having her hair shampooed (so do I!). Along with the bangs, we got it a little angled down under her chin and about an inch taken off the back. My hairdresser said her hair was healthy so we didn't need to take more.

She is so excited and I think it's too stinkin' cute! Totally frames her face perfectly. I don't think these pictures really do it justice...

Friday, January 1, 2010

December Montage

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have seriously neglected the blog in the last six weeks! The Christmas season has come and gone in a flash and I'm left wondering if I had time to enjoy it. Beginning with Thanksgiving Break at my parents with Cheryl and her family, our holidays were packed with our church's Christmas Drama, time spent with friends and family, and lots and lots of shopping. My parents came up for Christmas and then we traveled to an Indoor Waterpark to celebrate with Dan's family. I'm still recovering from New Year's Eve at our good friend's house last night. They kept me up till 2:30 a.m. playing cards...guess who's been grumpy today :) So here is a small montage of pictures from our month of December, and here's to being more current on the blog in 2010!

Our search for a Christmas Tree took us to ... Lowes! The girls chose it out and then we began decorating it as soon as we got home.

Dan gives Aly a lift to put the Angel on the top. This tree is a tad bit taller than last years, we think.

We FINALLY got a little bit of snow. A very little bit. Aly found enough to make herself up a snowman. I had to go out and help with the bottom. She had it so big that she was stuck half-way up the hill with it.

We celebrated Christmas with our dear friends the week before Christmas. It was officially dubbed "Christmas with King Julian" and we not only opened presents and had some yummy food, but watched a "Madagascar" marathon. From left to right: Lewis, Elizabeth, Riley, Skyeler, Calleigh, Aly, Victoria, and Hadley.

Papa getting a great big hug from Aly, and me getting a wonderful, spur of the moment snapshot of it :)

Toby and Sparkles checking out the treats that they will find in their stockings on Christmas morning. Granny gave Skyeler and Aly an early Christmas present by letting them take Toby to PetSmart. He wasn't too sure about it until he figured out that he wasn't going to the vet AND they give you treats at check out!

Toby wonders if Sparkles has the better treats.

Opening stockings on Christmas morning...

The girls truly seemed to like their gifts. It was a wonderful Christmas. Skyeler doesn't like to pose for pictures with her gifts like her younger sister, so I had to grab a couple snapshots.

Mommy taped the boxes just a little bit too much.

Aly's big present ... a Nintendo DSi

Skyeler's big present. A special jewelry box engraved with her name and favorite quote...for the diamond earrings Papa and Granny bought :)

Granny, Toby, and the girls

Papa and his girls

Aly and Elena at the Syrek Family Christmas. This was after two hours at the indoor waterpark and two hours of dinner. Both are looking a little tired but can't wait to open presents.

And last, but not least, Zac and Skyeler. Where has the time really gone!!?? Days away from being 17 (Zac) and 15. I remember dragging the two of them with me and Cheryl on mega Wal-mart shopping trips and watching them play together with Zac's Power Rangers. *Sigh*
It truly has been an amazing year. I am so glad of all the memories we made, time spent with family and friends. May you be blessed in the upcoming year!