Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LAMBS Choir Performance

Last Sunday was our Showcase Sunday in which the children of the church get a chance to display what they have done and/or accomplished throughout the year.  Our co-op had a choir again this year, led by Natasha.    10,000 Reasons was one of the two songs that the choir performed during the morning service.  I *heart* hearing the kids sing.  It makes me all mushy.  They did a beautiful job.  

Disclaimer:  I am sure someone else took a much better video...I have a bum shoulder and was kind of shaky holding the camera.  I didn't get Lorin at the piano.  And I was sitting too close to Natasha, and it picked up her voice some of the time.  But here it is anyways :)

Front row:  Max, Skyler, Hannah, and Colin
Back row:  Leah, Aly, Riley, and Priscilla
Not pictured in the video but pictured below:  Lorin at the piano.  He was practicing two hours a day to get ready for the performance.