Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whew! What a May!

Now that I've got it all typed out and the pictures posted, I realize just how much we had going on in May!  No wonder I'm tired :)  Who says homeschoolers are unsocialized?!  I think we are over-socialized LOL!  That pretty much catches up May.  If I can ever figure out how to post those videos Skyeler took, then I'd like to get them up.  She is having a ball with her little Kodak Playsport.  I love how she is experimenting with it.  For Elizabeth's birthday she made an awesome dvd of the two of them.  She's working on one for Aly and Amy now.  If you haven't been around in a while, you can see the links to Skyeler's blogs to the left in the sidebar.  Now if I can just get on the ball with June....

Pedicure Party!

What happens when you have five girls at your house all looking for something to do?  Just about anything with this bunch!  I believe the catalyst for this little pedicure party was Skyeler telling Riley she would paint her nails orange for his birthday (don't ask, not sure, don't care *grin*).  So the obvious spot to paint your toenails (and fingernails) is...the trampoline!  Of course!  Why in the world would I not think of that?!  After all, it's the sturdiest, least bouncy place, perfect for a bottle of nail polish.  Oy!  Where is the rolly-eye smiley when you need it  :)  Ah, the joy of having girls! 

Tori, Amy, Aly, Elizabeth, and Skyeler

Nail polish...lots of colors...funny, I don't see the orange!

Getting it done!  

Testing Day!

Testing!  Blah!  As homeschoolers, our state requires us to either do a portfolio review or a standardized test to turn in to the local school districts with our intent to homeschool.  We do a standardized test (though don't get me started on how I hate them!).  It is something Skyeler dreads every. single. year. and Aly looks forward to with much anticipation.  Our testing takes one day to complete and we like to make it fun for the kids.  This year was the first year that Aly was old enough to be in the testing room with the big kids.  She insisted that Sharon be their tester.  Sharon has been Aly's tester since she started, I think.  Aly said they've bonded.  :)  This year is the last year that Skyeler will have to go through this.  She graduates next year (crazy!!) and therefore, will not need a test score for the following year.  That made this year's testing bearable.  

Toni, our lovely "lunch lady" at co-op, planned for a trip to Chuck E. Cheese after testing was done.  The kids, young and old alike, had a ball!  They ate pizza, played games, and went through tons and tons of tokens.  The moms had "fun" planning next year's co-op.  

Amy, Aly, and Tori

Elizabeth, Calleigh, Skye, and Riley

This game was the most popular of the day!  A virtual jump rope.  Aly is jumping here but Skyeler woke up the next day with sore legs :)
Little Skyeler, me, and Aly.  You could goof, I mean front of the blue screen and it would show up on the TV above.  What a hoot!  

I think this might have been the second most popular game, weird as it was.  You are a fire fighter putting out fires.  Elizabeth and Riley spent quite some time here.  Skye joined them after she took some video.

P.S.  Both girls did very well on their testing.

Kings Island

Our homeschool group went to Kings Island again this year for Math & Science Days.  The kids LOVE Math & Science Days.  Maybe one of these times, they will actually do math and science on the trip :)  Aly was beside herself with the fact that she just might be tall enough for the 54" rides.  I had measured her at home (without shoes) at just over 53".  Once in the park we had her officially measured and sure enough, she was 54".  They gave her a band so she wouldn't have to be measured at each ride.  Did I mention she was beside herself?  *grin*

My girls constantly amaze me.  I get car sick (train sick, boat sick, plane get the idea!) AND I cannot ride 90% of the rides at Kings Island.  The girls also get car sick, sometimes just going from home to church, and yet they manage to get on almost everything in the park!!  Without loosing their cookies!!  It's crazy!  Every once in a while they get a little queasy or dizzy.  Skye got it a little worse this year.  But overall they have a great time being completely like their daddy and making me nervous :)

They all had a great day riding rides with all their friends (and the parents, too) and we got home pooped.  And for the record, I rode the Racer (wooden roller coaster, no sharp turns or upside downs) three times, and the Top Gun ride once (though it made me a little sick as it was much faster with sharper turns than the Iron Dragon at Cedar Point).  Then I was free to take pictures and fret over everyone in the group staying together and having fun (my specialty).  

Our group. Kind of the back from l to r: Philip, Riley, Jen, Michelle, Emily, Tori, Elizabeth, & Calleigh
Kind of the front from l to r: Sarah, Skyeler, little Skyler, Max, Aly, Amy, Josiah, & Nina

Everyone but those in the second row from the bottom are part of our group.  Aly's at the top two from the right and Skye's second row from the top two from the left.  

This ride makes me sick to watch!  I keep expecting people to start falling out and splatting on the ground.  I know, I'm weird.

Ah, the Scrambler!  Every year, no matter how many big rides the kids go on, this is always a hit.  They spend time riding with different people and being crazy.  Skye got a video of this, but I'm still having trouble uploading her videos to the blog.  This is Amy, Aly, and Philip.

Tori, Dan, and Aly.  I think they ride together every year.

This monstrosity is Diamondback.  Sharon took the picture from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Aly was dying to get on this ride and Skyeler loves it.  The lines were not long and I think Skye rode this multiple times in a row.  If I could ride big rides, I would want to ride this.  It really does look cool!

Here's Aly (and Riley, Julie, and Roger) in the Diamondback car just finishing up the ride.

This is the Vortex. It goes upside down 6 or 7 times.  They rode this twice in a row.  That was the only time all day that Aly felt sick :)  Skye and Josiah in the first row, Amy and Aly in the second, and you can see Tori in the third.

And for the little ones, the day would not be complete without getting soaked on the water ride.  Skyeler, sweet girl that she is, promised to ride this with the little ones.  

This is what they looked like afterwards, of course :)  Skye, Aly, & Amy

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Picture Day

Pretty self-explanatory.  Each year we take portraits for our yearbook.  We just got it in under the wire this year as we took pictures on the last day of co-op.  Fifteen kids + one beautiful setting = quite the crazy time.  Here's a small sampling of Aly and Skye plus a few extras.

 Amy, Aly, and Philip

 Skyeler, Elizabeth, and Emily

 Riley's Angels (being the only teen boy does have its advantages)

Jen, Emily, Skyeler, Michelle, Elizabeth, Riley, Tori, and Calleigh

Dressing Up!

Every year our church holds an annual Ladies Banquet around Mother's Day.  It is an event that my girls look forward to every year.  This year was especially anticipated since Skyeler, Tori, and Elizabeth all had formal dresses to wear.  They quickly roped Emily into their plans and spent the day getting all gussied-up :)  Skyeler's dress had been a tad too big.  Thankfully, she has been paying attention to Miss Beverly in sewing and was able to alter her dress herself.  She also added sequins.  Skyeler, being the great big sister she is, fixed Aly's hair before going to join her friends at their house.  I guess the girls just took over the bathroom at Tori and Elizabeth's :)  Sharon, great friend that she is, took pictures at her house and at the banquet (since I left my camera at home).  The girls were quite stunning!  (And I'm pretty sure they knew it, too!)  They had a ball getting ready and enjoyed their evening.  
Skyeler did Elizabeth and Emily's hair as well as her own.  Sharon got this great shot of Emily doing her make-up, Skyeler doing Emily's hair, and Elizabeth painting Skyeler's toenails.  What fun!

A look at their pedicures

A great shot of the girls at the piano, I love the reflections!  Tori, Elizabeth, Skyeler, and Emily

Noelle, Aly, and Skyler sang the "Seven C's of History" at the banquet.  You can see a little bit of Aly's hair here.

 Elizabeth, Skyeler, Emily, and Tori

Posing with their roses from the banquet


Dr. Seuss wrote a book titled "Bartholomew and the Oobleck."  A book I've never even read :)  For some reason, though, Dan used that as his inspiration for the "finale" of his science class at co-op.  The class before, Dan introduced the oobleck concept and talked about Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids.  (I'm sure you can google that). The kids split up into teams and made a small amount of oobleck with water and cornstarch.  The cool thing about oobleck is that you can slip your fingers into it and pick it up and let it run between your fingers but the moment you press hard, or even punch it, it resists.  

But...making oobleck in small bread pan containers is not BIG enough for Dan the Science Man.  No!  The finale needed to be bigger, go farther, make a bigger mess, and he knew exactly where he was going with this science experiment.  Enter a kiddie pool, buckets of water, and LOTS of cornstarch.  What resulted was a Non-Newtonian fluid that not only was one big mess, but a pool of oobleck that could be walked, hopped, and jumped upon.  As always, the kids had a ball!!  It was a huge success.  

We took video but unfortunately I am having trouble getting it to upload to the blog.  You can enjoy the pictures of the day!  It will give you a small taste of what kind of fun we had.  

A look at the mixing of the oobleck.  Lots of hands and lots of mess.  It was also Picture Day (bad idea to have both on the same day!) and the older girls were trying to keep the oobleck from coming into contact with their hair :) 

Aly running on the oobleck.  You can see that her feet are not sinking.  The quickness and the pressure keep her on top of it.

 Skyeler's turn!  The kids lined up and took turns running, jumping, hopping, and sometimes standing still so they could sink and get "stuck."

 They took a break from running across it to play in it again.  Not long afterwards, it got messy.  Despite the girls trying to keep their hair oobleck free, the urge to throw oobleck at each other was too great.  Oobleck fights ensued and the church parking lot looked like a very large flock of birds had dropped some do-do there LOL!

Dan and Aly jumping!

All the little ones jumping at the same time!

All the big girls jumping at the same time.  It's amazing the kiddie pool held up!  You can see a bit of the mess it made all around the pool in this picture.