Wednesday, February 22, 2017

F - Freedom Trail

Our Teen Christian History Trip in 2015 took us Back to BOSTON!  This is one of my favorite trips.  For my "F" post, however, I'm going to focus only on The Freedom Trail.  For those of you who may not know, The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile long walk through Boston that takes you to 16 different historical stops.  The very first year we took the teens to Boston, we thought we could make it through the whole trail in half a day.  


This year we spent the entire day in Boston on the Freedom Trail, and honestly, it still wasn't enough!

The trail begins in Boston Commons.  See those feet?  Those are very fresh and eager feet, ready for new adventures!  We'll revisit these feet at the end.

Bri and Aly are my "We want to try that, touch that, climb on that" girls!

The gang's all here!  
Boston is a BIG city, and I'm constantly counting heads.   By the end of the trip I could count to 15 very well!  Though Colin always say we only need to come back the the majority :)
L to R
Lorin, Emily, Wesley, Noelle, Priscilla, Skyeler, Aly, Bri, Colin, Elijah, Abi, Sam, Mitchell

"One if by land, two if by sea."
The Old North Church where Paul Revere left Robert Newman in charge of signaling the advance of the British.

Bunker Hill Monument commemorates The Battle of Bunker Hill where the colonial troops were told "not to fire until you see the white's of their eyes."  You can climb up into the tower.  294 steps.  I did not climb with them (stairs, spiraling, fear of heights and enclosed spaces...NOT for me).  The monument is one of the last things on the Freedom Trail.  This is the place where Lorin told Skyeler that she should climb the stairs "at least once."  So Skyeler climbed 294 steps up to the top of the monument.  By the time she got back down, she was hating Lorin and his "at least once" comment.  It is rumored that Skyeler, on getting down out of the monument, told some younger kid not to do's not worth it!  But, of course, that is just  a rumor :)  Lorin will never live this down!

After climbing Bunker Hill and the monument, and walking all of the Freedom Trail, everyone was a bit exhausted.  The pair of feet between Colin and Lorin is Skyeler.  She is practically passed out LOL! 

Aboard the U.S.S. Constitution, and still trying to get rest where they can!  

Inside the U.S.S. Constitution Museum 

The Old State House.  The building it beautiful.  Right out in front is the site of the Boston Massacre, and across the street is the site of the Obadiah Holmes trial and beating.  

Boston Commons and the Boston Skyline

Remember those very fresh and eager feet at the beginning of the Freedom Trail??  Well, not so much anymore!!  The kids were literally hugging the van at the end.  In fact, they may have been fighting over who was going to get into the van and sit down first.  All in all it was a great day!