Thursday, July 1, 2010

Catching Up

Well, it's been a little while since I have updated the blog. May was kind of crazy as me and the girls passed around a nasty cold bug. We finished up our co-op year mid-May and had testing two weeks later. The girls both did well on their testing. Skyeler had a bit of a rough start to June. She developed a staph infection on her wrist and we made numerous trips to the doctor and one to the children's hospital. In the midst of her drama we celebrated Dan's 40th birthday (wow! that feels weird to type) and had our Homeschool Showcase. Aly also attended camp for the first time and had a ball! We have spent the rest of June recuperating :)

Here are some pictures from our Homeschool Showcase.

Skyeler was barely well enough to work on her presentation board. She is feeling a bit puny in this picture. She is wearing one of her big accomplishments of the co-op year. The skirt she made herself in sewing class! She was very proud of herself and enjoyed making the skirt (making a shirt was not so fun, she hasn't worn it yet LOL). Aly was upset that she didn't have a skirt to wear to showcase (Elizabeth and Tori were also wearing the skirts they made) so Skyeler had compassion on her little sister and made her a skirt to wear too. You can see the skirt she made Aly in the pictures below.

Max & Nina joined us for the showcase. Babette had prepared a couple songs for them to sing (Babette teaches music class at co-op). It was so enjoyable!

Here is Aly with her presentation board and table. She had so much to showcase that we couldn't really get it all on the table :)

I was so thankful that Doug took the pictures for showcase. Usually that is my job, but with Skye sick that weekend, I was pretty much frazzled.

The camp that Aly attended also took pictures and posted them for the parents to view. Aly really had a blast. Skyeler got to work the last day of camp with her sister. Aly got to ride horses and do some ground work with them, she climbed the rock wall and did some archery and lots of other things. They also had a zip line. The camp director's wife said she was praying that the harness held when Aly went down. The next week when they sent out the email that the pictures were ready, I saw why. This was the picture that accompanied the email to everyone ...

Yep, that's my daughter. A professional photographer took this picture. Upside down, flying down the zip line ... she does NOT get those genes from me!