Friday, April 1, 2016

A - the Adventure Begins

I think this picture Adequately describes our year last year :)

Traveling is Always an Adventure and we did plenty of both!

Our itinerary covered at least 10 states (at least 10 since we are having some controversy as to whether or not we drove through Connecticut this time...that's what happens when you don't write things down right away).  And we drove to Florida twice.  I didn't count how many hours we spent in the car ... Hmm that would be an interesting fact to keep track of ... but as I mentioned we drove to Florida, twice.  We also drove to Boston where I KNOW we sat in over 6 hours of traffic.  Those are some long trips!

What drives us to travel?  Family usually.  But also we have found that once we started seeing the many wonders and beauties that our country has to offer, and the history that is all around us, well, it is kind of addictive and makes you want to see more!  Though I will admit that I LOVE revisiting the places we have already been which is counterproductive to seeing more LOL!

January - Cheryl and I met in Columbus for a Girl's Weekend - shopping & scrapbooking!

March - Skye and Aly headed to Granny & Papa's for Spring Break.

April - I joined the girls in Kentucky for a night.

May - Universal Orlando!
Memorial Day Weekend in Kentucky!

June - Back to Florida ... Dan's family celebrated Christmas in June.

July - Our Teen Group's Christian History Trip to Boston!

November - Thanksgiving in Kentucky!

As I try to complete this A to Z Challenge, I hope to share some pictures and stories from our Adventurous 2015.

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