Friday, April 8, 2016

C - Cannoli

The fourth day of our Teen Christian History Trip took us to the Freedom Trail in downtown Boston.  

One of our fun stops is a couple blocks off the Freedom Trail ...
Mike's Pastry!

Why Mike's Pastry?
This is why...


Mike's is famous for them!
In something like over 15 flavors!

The line is always ridiculously long (because it is so delicious), you have to know what you want or they take someone else ahead of you, and they only take cash!  

I was a little concerned about the "you have to know what you want" part of our plan.  This particular group of ours excels in NOT knowing what they want :) 

We were supposed to get our Cannoli's after our dinner, but dinner ended up not working out and  we had to backtrack many blocks to get our treat.  Now normally "many blocks" would not be such a big deal, but after walking the whole Freedom Trail.  Well, we were all pretty worn out.  The kids love eating local fare, however, and were not too put out :)

We sat down and enjoyed them in the middle of a park in downtown Boston because Cannoli's are best fresh!

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