Friday, April 8, 2016

E - Exercise

So this time last year, I was exercising.  I go on these kicks sometimes.  I really WANT to exercise but truly I hate it.   So this time last year, I had started on this kick to get into shape before all of those summer trips we had coming up.  

As you can see from just the previous three posts, we did eat well.

I was going along at a good pace when Aly and Skye went to my parents for Spring Break.  When I joined them, it was nice to change up the pace a bit. 

Walking the hill is one of our favorite pastimes at my parents.  It's not possible in the summer ... SNAKES ... but early spring and late fall make it a beautiful, fun EXERCISE.  

Ok it's not ALWAYS fun! Like when I am severely out of shape and gasping for breath while my legs are burning because it is a steep climb.

This particular spring morning I was thankful to be at my parents and thankful for the opportunity to enjoy a more scenic walk than the one around my block in the suburbs!

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